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Insect of the Year

tags: blood droplet moth, Zygaena carniolica, Lepidoptera, Image of the Day This red dotted animal was elected Insect of the Year 2007 by scientists at the Federal Biological Research Center for Agriculture and Forestry, Germany. Due to its markings, the moth is commonly known as “blood droplet”, although its species name is Zygaena carniolica. Image:…

White-Tipped Black Geometrid

tags: lepidoptera, moths, Melanchroia chephise, White-Tipped Black Geometrid, Image of the Day White-Tipped Black Geometrid, Melanchroia chephise, Houston, Texas. A diurnal moth, this one was photographed on the Katy Prairie NABA Butterfly Count about 30 miles NW of downtown Houston, Texas, on September 3, 2007. Image: Biosparite [larger view]. This is a White-tipped Black Geometrid,…