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tags: Walk-Through of NYC’s American Museum of Natural History, museum, natural history museum, AMNH, American Museum of Natural History, NYC, New York City, culture, edutainment, streaming video This is a rather nice video with a home-made feel to it. It presents a quick view of the American Museum of Natural History in New York, starting…

Paskooko karhut Metsässä?

tags: Luonnontieteellinen museo Helsinki, Helsinki Museum of Natural History, diorama, education, construction, streaming video This streaming video is a time-lapse documentation of construction of the bear diorama at the Luonnontieteellinen museo Helsinki (Helsinki Natural History Museum) [7:42].

tags: Smithsonian Institution, National Zoo, museum, funding crisis What’s wrong with this picture: America is spending billions and billions of dollars to bomb the snot out of Iraq, but we can’t even spare a fraction of that cost to fix our premier museum and zoo?? According to a news story that appeared in today’s Washington…