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European Bee-eaters

tags: ornithology, birds, avian, National Geographic A dragonfly has no stinger, but a European bee-eater, Merops apiaster, will beat it senseless anyway, the same way it handles its namesake prey. If the fly’s wings break off, they are discarded, not eaten. The insect is then devoured as a single morsel, not as a mini-buffet of…

Painting The Sky

tags: ornithology, birds, avian, National Geographic Painting the Sky A brilliant blur as it plucks a butterfly from the air, the European bee-eater, Merops apiaster, leads a colorful life on three continents. Image: Jözsef L. Szentpéteri/National Geographic [larger view]. My contact, an editor at National Geographic, just sent me a link to a story and…

Baboon versus Flamingos

tags: flamingos, baboons, nature, streaming video This streaming National Geographic video shows a group of hungry baboons in Kenya’s Lake Bogoria that find themselves surrounded by a million unsuspecting, and unprotected, flamingos. I am sure you can guess what happens next. [2:40]