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tags:, evolution, flatfish, Amphistium, Heteronectes, transitional fossils, missing link, Matt Friedman During the development of extant flatfishes, such as this plaice, Pleuronectes platessa, one eye has migrated round the head to lie on the same side as the other. So these fishes have an ‘eyed’ (up) side and a ‘blind’ (down) side suitable for…

tags: natural selection, evolution, Alfred Russel Wallace, Charles Darwin, Darwin Year, Linnean Society of London Image: Gary Larson. This morning, I was pleased to hear National Public Radio was celebrating the 150th birthday of Natural Selection, the mechanism whereby evolution occurs.

Evolution: Random or Directed?

tags:, evolution, experimental evolution, adaptation, mutation, natural selection, Richard E. Lenski The common gut bacteria, Escherichia coli, typically known as E. coli. Image: Dennis Kunkel. Evolution is a random process — or is it? I ask this because we all can name examples of convergent evolution where very different organisms arrived at similar solutions…