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tags: satire, comedy, humor, president obama, teleprompter, ONN, Onion News Network, streaming video Imagine the crisis that occurred when President Obama’s teleprompter unexpectedly stopped functioning during a family dinner. Fortunately, he is capable of remembering his script, unlike the moron who was in office one year ago….

tags: halloween costumes, effeminate boys, humor, satire, funny, fucking hilarious, ONN, Onion News Network, streaming video Anna Stephenson stops by Today NOW! to show parents of girly sons costume tips to survive Halloween without accentuating their child’s already obvious homosexuality.

tags: Shawn Johnson, gymnastics, sports, humor, satire, Onion News, streaming video Gymnast Shawn Johnson euthanized after breaking leg. After gym doctors confirmed the her injuries were career-ending, Johnson’s trainers said there was no reason to keep her alive. [2:28]

tags: agribusiness, agriculture, dairy farm, cows, industrial dairy farm, milk, dairy products, streaming video This is interesting video sums up my view of America perfectly .. After visiting a Denny’s Restaurant, President Obama was visibly shaken and disillusioned; and plans to abandon complex policies on emissions, clean coal and refocus on achievable goals like applying…

tags: employment, humor, satire, streaming video A new Department of Labor report finds personal outsourcing is revolutionizing how Americans don’t do their own work. [2:23]

tags: bring your daughter to war day, humor, satire, streaming video Girls between the ages of 8 and 14 spent the day helping their parents fight insurgents and defuse mines in Iraq [1:22].