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tags: religion, belief system, ethics, values, lifestyle Here’s my results from Belief-o-matic, an online questionnaire that uses a series of 20 questions to help identify your belief system; What did this quiz tell you your belief system should be?

Name That Element!

It’s nice to know that a PhD in science is good for something .. what was your score?

Is Your Cat Plotting to Kill You?

Nevermind that I do not live with a cat ..

Yeah, me! Although I did spot one mistake in the test itself .. did you also see it? I Scored a 100%! Created by OnePlusYou

Even though Homeland Security is not happy about this, I am rather pleased about this discovery. How about you? 44% Created by OnePlusYou

Here’s another one of those silly online quizzes for you to play with before you get down to work; 122,466 People Created by OnePlusYou

Name That Drink Quiz

What were your results for this “Name that Drink” quiz? I admit that I need more practice; 86%DRUNKARD Created by OnePlusYou

Okay, according to this quiz, I am having a pet overpopulation problem (equivalent to 27 toilet seats), but really, are you guys doing any better? 1,483,020How Many Germs Live On Your Keyboard? Created by OnePlusYou

What is Your Geek Score?

I am horribly, terribly disappointed with myself and my score on this stupid quiz. What was your score? (Keep in mind that I’ll never speak to you again if you scored higher than I did); 78% Geek Created by OnePlusYou Okay, I am geekier than ALL OF YOU put together!! 7078% Geek Created by OnePlusYou…

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