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tags: How long can you survive if trapped in your own home, online quiz, fun and games I have a few questions; who would eat a pet if they were trapped inside their own home? And, is it possible to eat your couch and survive?

Does This Mean That I am Fat???

tags: How many hungry cannibals could your body feed, online quiz, fun and games I am sure that many of you wonder this very thing during those early mornings just before the sun rises.

Name That Robot

tags: Name that Robot, online quiz, fun and games I know you all have suspected this, but now you finally have confirmation that it’s true; I am not a robot geek! I correctly named three robots (or maybe four, but that would have been an accident, I assure you). Wow!

tags: online quiz, American politics It appears that I am a social liberal-progressive .. that makes more sense than simply branding me as a “liberal” since I have some rather sharp disagreements with liberals who aren’t progressives .. Where do you lie along this political spectrum?

Who Should You Vote For?

This online quiz might explain why I am not very excited about any of the candidates who are running for president this time around; Okay, I’ve never heard of Mike Gravel until this moment, have you? What were your results?

tags: chinese new year, online quiz I am a DOG? And I am most compatible with a tiger or horse?

What Sort of Christmas Tree Are You?

tags: christmas tree, online quiz This is a cute quiz and you have to let me know what your results were!

tags: movies, online quiz I think this is a low point in my online quiz taking because I disagree with this prognosis. How about you — do you agree or disagree with your own results?

Who is Your Daemon?

Everyone is talking about The Golden Compass — a movie that I had no idea was being made or released or even premiered this past weekend — a movie that is based on a series of books that I’ve never read and have only vaguely heard about. But my readers have fixed that literary oversight…

tags: christmas stocking, online quiz Here is an amusing online quiz for you to play with — I don’t know about you, but I sure hope that my stocking is filled with the goodies that the quiz predicted for me!