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OpenLab 2007

Because I am one of the contributors, I will not review this book. However, I know that some of you may wish to review it and I also know that a few more of you might wish to actually purchase a copy just so you can read it! If so, you can go here to…

Open Laboratory 2007: I’m In!

tags: books, Open Laboratory I just wanted to let you know that the book, Open Laboratory 2007: The Best Science Blog Writing of 2007 is now in production, and one of my submissions will be included in the book.

Open Lab 2007 Submissions

tags: Open Lab 2007, blog books You might remember that one of my essays from 2006 was included in the book, Open Lab 2006. I was lucky because the editor of the book submitted my essay for me, and the judges seemed to like it enough to include it in the final book. Yea, me.…