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tags: Optical Illusion: Impossible Motion, optical illusion, Koukichi Sugihara, Best Visual Illusion of the Year Contest 2010, vision, brain, streaming video In this video, wooden balls roll up the slopes just as if they are pulled by a magnet. The behavior of the balls seems impossible, because it is against gravity. The video is not…

tags: Grabs-U, Grabula, software, technology, optical illusion, offbeat, streaming video Wow, here’s two hot new Finnish software programs for your mac that you can use to allow the world to touch you (Grab-U) and that you can use to reach out and touch the world (Grabula) — I can hardly wait to get these for…

Turning Tables Optical Illusion

tags: optical illusion, turning tables, streaming video This optical illusion is so simple, yet so deceptive, that you should try it on your friends, and use it to win some bar bets, too [flash: 1:20]