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Adam Bly Speaks

tags: Food Frontiers, Astroturf blog, influence peddling, PepsiCo,pepsi, scienceblogs Subject: Food Frontiers Dear ScienceBloggers, I will be posting this on 3.14 in a few minutes: We have removed Food Frontiers from SB. We apologize for what some of you viewed as a violation of your immense trust in ScienceBlogs. Although we (and many of you)…

Pepsi Ethics

It’s taken me a few hours to cool off enough to write coherently and without using (too much) profanity after I learned that ScienceBlogs added a corporate PR “blog” about nutrition written by PepsiCo. I think I’ve learned all I care to know about corporate “food” giants’ definition of what is “nutrition” by being confronted…