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Even when life is overwhelming and I find myself hiding from everyone and everything, as I have been for awhile now, I still find pleasure in feeding my birds. I know that many of you understand and share in this pleasure, so I thought I’d tell you what’s on my parrots’ menu for this week;

The Gift of a Digital Camera!

Okay, this is amazing! One of my readers, who shall remain anonymous unless that person chooses to reveal him(her)self, has sent an Amazon gift certificate to me to purchase a digital camera. WOW! So I ask you, dear readers, which digital camera do you recommend? I want to take close-up pictures of birds (and insects…

Update on My New Roommate

The little hawk-headed parrot is settling in fairly well. (S)he is rather cautious about me, reminding me, by flying away whenever the opportunity presents itself, that I am not the human that (s)he is familiar with. This will pass soon enough, though.

NYC Grrl Invades Texas

Can you find the bar-tailed godwits here among the avocet and marbled godwits? Image: Mary Scott, Birding America. Thanks to a reader who would rather remain anonymous, I am going to go to Texas tomorrow and will return to all of you on Tuesday. I have scheduled a few things to publish on this blog…