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tags: bird behavior, emotional lives of animals, ornithology, birds, avian, photoessay The bird calls out after realising that his (her?) mate is dead Image: Wilson Hsu, [larger view]. There are many inexplicable and tragic events in nature, yet few are captured on film. Here is an interesting series of photographs depicting a pair of…

tags: dinosaurs, Tarbosaurus bataar, paleontology, fossils, Tyrannosaurs rex The newly unveiled fossil skeleton of the juvenile Tarbosaurus bataar in its protective jacket. Discovered in 2006, a near-perfect complete skeleton of a juvenile Tarbosaurus find was made available for public viewing for the first time today by the Hayashibara Museum of Natural Science in Okayama, western…

A Podiatrist’s Nightmare

tags: foot binding, China, social behavior, fashion psychology, streaming video A friend sent these images depicting foot-binding in China. To say the least, I knew this practice was painful and caused permanent malformations, but seeing the damage makes my own feet scream in agony. How did such a strange and harmful behavior like this ever…

Meet One of My Parrots 1

tags: lories, loriinae, yellow-bibbed lory, Lorius chlorocercus, parrots, birds, photograph Odysseus. Male yellow-bibbed lory, Lorius chlorocercus, April 2008. Image: GrrlScientist 2008 [larger view].

Found: Iron Cross from WTC

tags: WTC, World Trade Center, iron cross, NYC, NYCLife The iron cross, salvaged from Ground Zero after the World Trade Center was destroyed by terrorists on 11 September 2001, is located in Inwood, borough of Manhattan, NYC. Image: GrrlScientist 2008. [wallpaper size].