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tags: vultures, Gyps species, conservation biology, endangered species, veterinary medicine, toxicology, physiology, evolutionary biology, pharmaceutical chemistry, epidemiology, mathematical modeling,,peer-reviewed research, journal club Only thirty years ago, tens of millions of White-rumped Vultures, Gyps bengalensis, were flying the skies of Asia. They are now classified as Critically Endangered. Image: Marek Jobda / [larger view]…

The Bloodmobile

tags: physiology, The Bloodmobile, They might be Giants, music video, streaming video Here’s another fun music video; “The Bloodmobile” by the creative group, They Might be Giants. This song tells about the many functions of blood, from providing oxygen to tissues to helping transport hormones (well, hormones are generally transported in the plasma).

tags: political views, politics, physiology, threat response, psychology, philosophyfight or flight, nature versus nurture Most Americans have been actively engaged in the frustrating sport of arguing about politics, which often leads to the common refrain; “You just don’t get it!” So this made me wonder why people who seem to have similar life experiences can…

The Body Has a Mind of Its Own

tags: book review, neuroscience, neurobiology, body maps, Sandra Blakeslee, Matthew Blakeslee As a biologist who reads both widely and deeply about a number of scientific topics, it is very rare when I read a popular book that adds depth and nuance to my understanding of a biological phenomenon, but The Body Has a Mind of…

Female hummingbird, asleep. Photo by Dylan Maldonado.