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Gullible Australia? Gullible Media!

tags: Hungry Beast, television, prank, hoax, media watch, ABC, streaming video The Hungry Beast team takes on the Australian media to see if the journalists can discern fantasy from reality. They fail miserably.

tags: prank, Halloween, funny, streaming video This bratty brother scares the hell out of his sister so she will, no doubt, be plotting her revenge.

tags: halloween prank, fake trick-or-treater, humor, funny, prank, scaring the neighbors, streaming video This is a funny video of a series of pranks committed on the videographers’ neighbors. Truly inpsired!

Walking Invisible Dogs in NYC

tags: Invisible dogs, NYC Life, prank, humor, funny, fucking hilarious, WTF, streaming video As a NYCer, I can tell you that NYC is filled with weird people, but on some days, the populace is weirder than others. For example, more than 2,000 people walked “invisible dogs” down the streets of Brooklyn on a Sunday afternoon…

Beware of Those Tricky Twins

tags: cartoon, humor, cats, streaming video Below the fold is an amusing streaming video. In this video, the mirror in the bathroom was replaced with a window pane, then a pair of identical twins stood in identical rooms opposite each other and proceed to prank everyone who walks in. Everyone, except the twins, have become…