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Pretty Boys Have All the Chicks

tags:, splendid fairy-wren, Malurus splendens,sexual dichromatism, evolution, behavior, promiscuity, social monogamy Male splendid fairy-wren, Malurus splendens. Image: Pete Morris ( [screensaver size] Everyone is familiar with sexual dichromatism in birds; you know, the gorgeous, colorful male who is paired with the drab female or two. It has been observed in birds that, when males…

Your Cheating Heart ..

tags:, superb starling, Spreo superbus, Lamprotornis superbus, birds, behavior, infidelity Superb starling, Lamprotornis (Spreo) superbus. These small birds are commonly found in open woodlands and savannahs throughout Northeast Africa. Image: Hogle Zoo, Utah. While it is widely known that males of many species seek out extra-pair copulations in order to produce as many offspring…