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Forest of Ecstasy: Vanguard

tags: Forest of Ecstasy: Vanguard, illegal drugs, safrole oil, ecstacy, XTC, X, methylenedioxymethamphetamine, MDMA, rainforest, Cardamom Mountains, Cambodia, conservation, endangered species, documentary, streaming video Do you think that making and using illegal drugs are victimless crimes? Think again! Deep in a remote Cambodian rainforest, criminals are setting up illegal factories to produce safrole oil, the…

The Rare Pygmy Hippo Lives!

tags: pygmy hippopotamus, pygmy hippo, Hexaprotodon liberensis, zoology, endangered species, conservation A rare pygmy hippopotamus, Hexaprotodon liberensis, was thought to be extinct up until recently, after this image was captured at night by a photo trap set up by researchers in a Liberian rainforest. A team of zoologists set up a series of camera traps…