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tags: conservation, reptiles, King Cobra, Ophiophagus hannah, Gharial, Gavialis gangeticus, water pollution, Romulus+Whitaker, TEDTalks, streaming video The gharial, Gavialis gangeticus, and king cobra, Ophiophagus hannah, are two of India’s most iconic reptiles, and they’re endangered because of polluted waterways. Conservationist Romulus Whitaker shows rare footage of these magnificent animals and urges us to save the…

tags: TEDTalks, ornithology, dodo bird, Adam Savage, streaming video A unique ecosystem of plants, birds and monkeys thrives in the treetops of the rainforest. Nalini Nadkarni explores these canopy worlds — and shares her findings with the world below, through dance, art and bold partnerships [18:15]

tags: rainforests, conservation, CO2, streaming video This streaming video provides yet another excellent reason that all the world’s citizens should protect and conserve the world’s rainforests. The music is “Nude (String FX Etc. Stem)” by Radiohead. [0:52].