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As you know, I recently married a British nutter and relocated to Germany, where I assume we both will remain for a significant period of time. Like most newlyweds, we wish to start our own traditions for the holidays, but since our possessions have not arrived yet, we are living in a nearly empty flat.

Seafood Recipes?

Even though I mostly eat food provided by the local food bank and food pantry, I actually purchase food for my parrots (alas, food banks/pantries don’t provide pet foods). So I went shopping today at my local 99 cent store (which should be renamed the local $2.50 store) looking for frozen fruits and vegetables for…

Sioux Stew

tags: Sioux stew, recipes, food, Manhattan, Kansas, bison meat For those of you who might be worried that I am not eating properly, I just thought I’d show you an example of the home-made cuisine I get to eat every day; Sioux Stew (made with ground bison meat), without any garnish (I added dried blueberries…