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I Get Books ..

I receive a fair number of books to review each week, so I thought I should do what several magazines and other publications do; list those books that have arrived in my mailbox so you know that this is the pool of books from which I will be reading and reviewing on my blog.

tags: John James Audubon, Bird Art, ornithology, birds, avian, New York Historical Society, endangered species Carolina Parakeet (Carolina Parrot), Conuropsis carolinensis, by John James Audubon (American, born Santo Domingo [now Haiti], 1785-1851). Havell plate no. 26. Watercolor, graphite, pastel, gouache, and black ink with scratching out and selective glazing on paper, laid on thin board.…

Attenborough in Paradise

tags: Sir David Attenborough, Attenborough in Paradise, DVD review, BBC programming, nature filming, filmography I’ve always enjoyed David Attenborough’s nature programs and films when I’ve managed to see them on TV and now, thanks to several of my readers, I’ve been able to view nearly everything that Attenborough has available on DVD. But after watching…