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tags: The Laryngeal Nerve of the Giraffe is Proof of Natural Selection, animals, giraffe, evolution, creationism, intelligent design, dissection, necropsy, autopsy, recurrent laryngeal nerve pathway, vagus nerve, cranial nerve X, evolutionary legacy, Richard Dawkins, streaming video This video, including comments by Richard Dawkins, documents a necropsy (an autopsy on an animal other than a human)…

tags: Did Religion Have an Evolutionary Value?, religion, psychology, social structure, social commentary, cultural observation, Richard Dawkins, streaming video Richard Dawkins argues that humanity’s historical predisposition towards religion and supernatural beliefs may have held an evolutionary utility. “The rule of thumb: ‘Believe whatever your parents tell you,’ quite clearly could have survival value,” says Dawkins.

tags: religion, fundamentalism, christianity, hate mail, Richard Dawkins, streaming video Richard Dawkins responds to some hate mail sent by those architects of brotherly love, god’s own followers, christians.

An Atheist Meets God

tags: religion, fundamentalism, christianity, atheist meets god, Edward Current, streaming video It’s the moment of judgment for one fool who says there is no God. Christians, get ready to laugh as he learns his eternal fate!

tags: Richard Dawkins, evolution, University of Nebraska State Museum, Diatoms, Yellowstone Lake, Stephanodiscus yellowstonensis, religion, fundamentalism, streaming video Richard Dawkins explains how microscopic algae called Diatoms uniquely evolved in Yellowstone Lake in response to climate change [2:09]

Beware the Believers!

tags: Richard Dawkins, Beware the Believers, religious fundamentalism, evolution, streaming video This amusing streaming video is a rockin’ version of Richard Dawkins’ expertise [3:57].

tags: Expelled!, Richard Dawkins, PZ Myers, religious wingnuts, christian fundamentalists, cultism, streaming video This streaming video reveals the unadulterated stupidity of the religious wingnuts; their poor public relations skills, their artlessness, their shocking lack of creative abilities, along with their unabashed duplicity. Oh, by the way, Happy Easter! [9:30].