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The Invention of Religion

tags: The Invention of Religion, humor, comedy, satire, funny, silly, fucking hilarious, interview, religion, Ricky Gervais, streaming video This amusing video features Ricky Gervais explaining how everything you need to know about religion can be found on a Pizza Hut pizza box.

tags: British, Americans, funny things that people say, humor, funny, comedy, offbeat, cultural observation, television, streaming video Here’s an amusing list of the top ten funny things that Americans say to Brits, as said by Stephen Fry Ricky Gervais (this is posted in honor of my spouse, who is British, who is celebrating his birdday…

tags: bible, religion, comedy, humor, fucking hilarious, Ricky Gervais, streaming video This funny video is from atheist comedian Ricky Gervais’s live stand-up show, Fame. In this clip, he discusses the Bible and religion.

Some Thoughts About Creation

tags: religion, Bible, Ricky Gervais, creation story, humor, funny, parody, streaming video This streaming video shows Ricky Gervais discussing creation as he reads from the Bible — wow! This makes so much sense, doesn’t it? I am going to give up my godless hedonistic ways right now!! [9:53]