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A fellow scientist whose work I have long followed, Ricardo Azevedo, has a new gig writing a blog sponsored by the Houston Chronicle. Congratulations, Ricardo! Do go over there and read his first essay; “The Fittest Theory.”

Why Write About Science on a Blog?

A reader of mine posed a series of questions to an earlier blog entry that I unfortunately neglected to respond to at the time. I am researching an article that I am freelance writing for a journal (deadline TODAY, YIKES!!) and ran across her original comment, which I reposted below the fold, and I am…

The Scientist has just published an online version of an upcoming print story on their site. This story asks the question, What are your three favorite life science blogs? I noticed that they asked seven men this question (not one woman, hello??!) and predictably, nearly all of the top blogs that they listed were written…