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I thought I’d mention the upcoming Science Blog writing discussion that is scheduled for Tuesday, 1 October, at Manhattan’s Apple Store in Soho. This isa panel that will discuss the value of a blog to communicating with the public about one’s research. The panel will be moderated by Katherine Sharpe and, along with me, includes…

How Many (Science) Blogs Are There?

I am writing a piece for the print media about scientists and science blogs, and I am running across some interesting numbers that I thought I’d share with you (with many thanks to my friend and colleague, Bob O’Hara, for his advice and help);

In Search of My Rhetorical Penis

tags: gender issues, gender disparity, blogosphere, science blogs, life science blogs Image: Anemi I have been thinking more about TheScientist‘s recent online article, “Vote for your favorite life science blogs“, where they asked this same question of seven of the “top” life science bloggers — all of whom just so happened to be men. It…