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tags: ScienceBlogs Millionth Comment Party, ScienceBlogs in Seattle ScienceBlogs millionth comment party in Seattle. Image: GrrlScientist 27 September 2008 [larger view]. I finally managed to find a stable and free wifi connection AND an outlet, thanks to the University Bookstore, so here are a few photographs from yesterday’s ScienceBlogs’ Millionth Comment Party in gorgeous Seattle!

1,000,000 Comment Contest

Have all of you heard about the one millionth comment contest that ScienceBlogs is having? This contest is in honor of the upcoming one million reader comment that will be left sometime around the 25th of October (unless PZ has another crackergate before then). In honor of this upcoming one millionth reader comment to the…

tags: Seed Media Group, ScienceBlogs, I have been made privy to a special 1 July 2008 press release from Seed Media Group, the parent organization for ScienceBlogs, which hosts my blog. The news is good.

tags: James Watson, racism, sexism, genetic engineering, seed media group, scienceblogs, Adam Bly James Watson, 1962 Nobel Prize winner for co-discovering the structure of DNA along with Francis Crick and Maurice Wilkins. Yesterday, Adam Bly, founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Seed Media Group, was interviewed by Carol Goar for an editorial about the Canadian government’s…

The Language of Science Blogs

Everyone knows that the universal language of science is English, which is not to say that scientific papers are not published in other languages, but if the author wants his or her papers to be widely read, they must publish in English. However, the citizens of the world speak many different languages and their lives…