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How to Swear Like a Brit

tags: How to Swear Like a Brit, humor, funny, comedy, culture, British culture, cursing, swearing, language, streaming video My spouse, who I was told was a “shy and nerdly British scientist” is anything but that! He is teaching me, a shy and nerdly American scientist, how to swear like a Brit, something that inspired me…

Rights and Privileges

tags: Rights and Privileges, ethics, social commentary, cultural observation, George Carlin, bible, humor, comedy, fucking hilarious, streaming video Rights are cute ideas. Rights aren’t rights at all if someone can take them away. ‘God-given rights’ are due to the god excuse: if god really gave you rights, he would have given you the right to…

German Cuss Words

tags: German Cuss Words, swearing, German language, streaming video Okay, I had to do it, didn’t I? As many of you know, learning swear words in different languages is one of my hobbies, which I often indulge in while drinking beers at a local pub, although I also enjoy digging up and posting videos on…

tags: Stephen Fry, The Joys of Swearing, comedy, humor, fucking hilarious, streaming video This is Stephen Fry, waxing eloquent on the joys of swearing. Since this is British swearing, I find it amusing but not terribly offensive (I think Americans are much better at swearing).