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tags: TEDTalks, einstein, African Grey Parrot, Stephanie White, streaming video This video is a whimsical wrap-up of TED2006 — presented by Einstein, the African grey parrot, and her trainer, Stephanie White. Watch for the moment when Einstein has a moment with Al Gore [5:49]

tags: Riley, talking parrot, Eclectus roratus, parrots, behavior, streaming video This video shows a conversation with a pet eclectus parrot, Eclectus roratus, named Riley. He is very talented, with a large and varied repertoire as well as a nice “voice.” I also live with an eclectus, a female Solomon Islands eclectus named Elektra, and I…

tags: parrot, amazon parrot, behavior, mimicking behavior, streaming video This streaming video shows a talented amazon parrot that appeared recently on Animal Planet. [3:19].