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tags: environment, forest ecology, trees, forestry, carbon sequestration, global warming, climate change, Nature Conservancy, streaming video You know that trees store carbon, but what does that really mean? How much carbon does the tree outside your window store, and how does that compare to the carbon we emit when we travel or power our homes?

Helsinki Trees

tags: road, woodland, nature, Helsinki, image of the day Trees. Photographed as I walked to Tarvaspää Café at the Gallen-Kallela Museum near Tarvon Salmi in Helsinki, Finland. Image: GrrlScientist, 2 July 2009 [larger view]. (raw image) Can you name any other large city in the world where you can walk in nature within 20 minutes…

Puu Auringonlaskun Aikaan

tags: Trees at sunset, Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland, image of the day Puu auringonlaskun aikaan (Trees at sunset). Sunset in Helsinki, Finland. Image: GrrlScientist, 2 March 2009 [larger view].

tags: festival of the trees, blog carnivals Hey treehuggers, the 19th edition of the Festival of the Trees is now available for you to read. They also included a contribution from me!