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tags: Carnival of Storytelling, blog carnivals The 8th edition of the Carnival of Storytelling is now available for you to read and enjoy. Best of all, they included one of my submissions!

tags: Just Write, blog carnivals The fourth edition of the blog carnival, Just Write is now available for you to enjoy. This carnival focuses on all aspects of the writing game.

tags: writing, Writers from across the blogosphere, blog carnival The latest edition of the Writer’s Block blog carnival is now available for your reading pleasure. This blog carnival focuses on writers and their writing, so be sure to go there to read good prose on a variety of topics.

tags: blog carnivals, Writers block, writing The latest edition of the Writer’s Block carnival is now available for your reading pleasure. Even though there’s plenty there to read, I think I’ve cornered their market for book reviews .. go check it out to see what they’ve got to read!

It is important to me to be included in the book, OpenLab 2007. So I am asking you to help me write a kick-ass essay that will be good enough for this little book. The only reason (I think) that I was included in the inagural edition of this book was because the editor was…

The Scientist has just published an online version of an upcoming print story on their site. This story asks the question, What are your three favorite life science blogs? I noticed that they asked seven men this question (not one woman, hello??!) and predictably, nearly all of the top blogs that they listed were written…

tags: books, writing, blog carnivals For those of you who love to read, the 3 September edition of the Carnival for Literary Junkies is now available. This carnival includes book reviews, literary criticism and some writing as well. It’s a nice way to wrap up your farewell to summer.