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Singing in Slow Motion

tags: neurobiology, neuroscience, animal communication, birdsong, premotor nucleus HVC, brain temperature, neural circuitry, motor behaviors, bioacoustics Captive-bred Zebra Finch, Taeniopygia guttata, at Bodelwyddan Castle Aviary, Denbighshire, Wales. Image: Adrian Pingstone/Wikipedia [larger view]. Birdsong is the primary model system that helps scientists understand how the brain produces complex sequences of learned behavior, such as playing the…

tags: dopamine, behavior, evolution, rewarding affiliative behaviors, brain reward pathways, songbirds, birdsong, zebra finch, Poephila guttata, neurobiology A pair of wild Zebra (Chestnut-eared) Finches, Poephila guttata. Image: