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Happy New Year!

Other original images can be viewed here.  (No, they are not New Year’s, but they are fireworks!)  

Happy Holidays!

Sorry, I don’t know who to credit for that, I got it from a Facebook post…

As alien as it gets

Humankind has touched the surface of the solar system’s most alien of objects. Image taken from NAVCAM top 10 at 10 km – 10. There are no words…

Very amusing and very rigorously constructed argument in favour of Net Neutrality: Dear Senator Ted Cruz, I’m going to explain to you how Net Neutrality ACTUALLY works – The Oatmeal. Ted Cruz is the Obamacare of put-downs via Obamacare association.    

Dear Readers, Find below an interesting press release I may as well share verbatim: The rapidly melting ice sheets on the coast of West Antarctica are a potential major contributor to rising ocean levels worldwide. Although warm water near the coast is thought to be the main factor causing the ice to melt, the process…

I grew up in Calgary and a small bedroom community west of it called Bragg Creek.  This event is not on a par with the flooding of a couple years ago, but it still qualifies as “freaky”. Freak Summer Snowstorm in Calgary Leaves 30,000 Without Power.

R.I.P. H.E.Taylor

I have a sad announcement to make, further to my previous posting about a missing edition of A Week of GW News. Harvey E. Taylor, aka het, died Monday, July 14, 2014 at his home in Portage la Prairie, a small town in Manitoba, Canada.  All I know of it is from one brief online obituary and one more…

Image of the Week

Filed under “data can be cool”         This is a graph of wind and air pressure at a weather station as a hurricane passes directly over.  Notice the double spikes as each eye wall passes overhead.  

Krugman and Climate

Aside from the climate blogosphere, Paul Krugman’s “Conscience of a Liberal” is my most regular blog visit.  He does not usually have a lot to say on climate change (which is mildly disappointing) and I have seen only very shallow and casual dismissals of the, to me compelling, notion that perpetual growth as a requirement for…

Only In It For The Gold: Neither Optimist nor Pessimist, Just Activist. “We must stop treating the natural world as something to exploit, and start realizing that it is our home. If we do that, we can thrive.“