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Bright Scientists, Dim Notions

“Bright Scientists, Dim Notions” is the title of a NYT article from a few days ago prompted by the recent controversy over scientifically unfounded and racist remarks made by James Watson about the supposedly inherently inferior intelligence of the African race as compared to Caucasians.

Exxon Hires Dogbert Consulting

Okay, that headline should really say “What if…”, but hey, this is one of “the internets” and I’m just one of those irresponsible activist bloggers, so what do I care? But let’s get to the point…

Oceans are ‘soaking up less CO2’

Oceans are ‘soaking up less CO2’ is the headline of a recent BBC News article. (Well, it is recent in most senses of the word though not in blogger-land…Rabbet Run discusses it here, Stoat did it here, and Michael Tobis blogged about it here).

Tim Flannery on Democracy Now

Australia’s 2007 Person of the Year, Tim Flannery, was interviewed in a long segment on Democracy Now last week. Listen/Watch/Read It is an interesting interview on a great daily news source.

What If Al Gore Were Arrested?

If Gore Were Arrested is the title of an article at The Nation online. According to this report Al Gore has been invited to participate in civil disobedience with the Rainforest Action Network and he is considering it!

Another big problem with geoengineering

Real Climate has a good post on geo-engineering and why it is only fitting as a final act of desperation, not a policy platform. It expresses very well all my own misgivings (it’s a terribly dangerous one-chance-to-get-it-right experiment on the entire planet, it commits the human race to centuries of climatic meddling, it will ultimately…

Another Week of GW News, October 28, 2007

Sipping from the internet firehose… This weekly posting is brought to you courtesy of H.E.Taylor. Happy reading, I hope you enjoy this week’s GW news roundup

Going it alone

If the United States continues to thumb its nose at the rest of the world in the climate change arena, this article from the EU Observer discusses what the appropriate response should be.

Caught up on Catching up

So this will be the last of my catching up posts, hope it was not too tedious. This one will not be article by article, I must succumb to the reality that I won’t read everything I want to.

Catching up with Real Climate

There is of course no better source of climate science blogging than Real Climate. Their posts are seldom rarely read and forget or anything less than very meaty and informative. Thankfully for people who get behind (cough) they do not post every day or even every week. Nevertheless, I have accumulated 9 unread RC posts…