A Few Things Ill Considered

Sometimes the news is funny!

The setup is George Bush, as usual, being an insensitive fool and making stupid jokes about tens of thousands of destroyed lives:

There’s no question about it. Wall Street got drunk–that’s one of the reasons I asked you to turn off the TV cameras. It got drunk, and now it’s got a hangover. The question is how long will it sober up and not try to do all these fancy financial instruments. And then we got a housing issue, not in Houston, and evidently not in Dallas, because Laura’s over there trying to buy a house.

The punchline?

The White House says Bush’s comments were in line with previous statements he’s made about the economy.

(from today’s DemocracyNow! headlines)


  1. #1 Kevin
    July 23, 2008

    he won’t go so far, though, to recognize that there is a legitimate role for government being the designated driver to keep the drunks on Wall Street from plowing recklessly through the whole economy.

  2. #2 coby
    July 23, 2008

    No, I’m sure he wouldn’t. The analogy could actually be very effective. Why should the taxpayer be buying them pills for their headaches and repairing their drunkenly smashed up porches etc. And why didn’t the gov’t bartender cut them off before they got that staggeringly wasted.

    It could go on…