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Fed up of trying to decide who to believe in the endless blog wars over climate science? Well, don’t despair and don’t rely on third parties you may know little about, instead educate yourself!

What would adapting to climate change be like? A picture is worth a thousand words: But a second picture is worth a few thousand more!

Prometheus gets a makeover

So, Pielke Jr’s blog, Prometheus has a new look. Congratulations! But just a minute…they have also changed the URL’s of all the past postings, thereby breaking the links to to all things Roger in the climate debate blogosphere. And Roger at best is unconcerned, but most likely prefers it that way, judging from his answer…

The intricacies of sea ice formation

A common misconception about global warming is that it means warming everywhere on the globe. This is an understandable, if too literal, interpretation of the phrase for a non-scientist and is something that is often played upon by less intellectually honest participants in the debate. This is one reason why “climate change” and “climate disruption”…

Global Warming is happening too slowly

Global Warming is happening too slowly. Or so says Dan Gilbert, psycholgist and author of the book “Stumbling on Happiness“. Watch this video for a psychologist’s explanation of why we are failing to act in the face of the global threat that is climate disruption.

Monckton and the APS

Eli Rabbet has a great summary of the recent Monckton-APS kafuffle. As this is sure to echo “longly and loudly” in the denier’s circle I will add an article tomorrow into the How to talk to a climate sceptic guide.

The continued mysterious death of honeybees, (36% loss of all colonies in the US this year alone) is now being linked to pesticides. There are also typically suspicious shenanigans from the EPA involved:

So, investigation of anthrax terrorism attacks ends up pointing to lead investigator who then commits suicide. All neat and tidy, case closed. But it certainly does not look that simple after all. Check out that DemocracyNow! story for some intriguing details. (watch/listen/read) Additional and voluminous material can be found here:

The Way Things Break

Thanks to a find by In It For the Gold, I will now be adding a new blog called “The Way Things Break” to my Google Reader feeds.

Pielke Jr. misses it again

Roger comes down on Junkscience for a refreshing change, usually prefering to disguise himself and mingle with the sceptics. Of course, if you read him carefully, he is not one, he just plays one on “the internets”. It is all about personal positioning in a very public debate. Roger posts about Steve Milloy, who has…