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Climate Conference Scam

Eli Rabett reports that Brian Schmidt reports that Inel reports a fake climate conference phishing scam.

One more reason GW is good for us

Better grapes. (h/t MT)

It doesn’t stop

As if this and this weren’t enough, below we have McCain himself applying the “Palin lives near Russia” litmus test for foreign policy experience.

Moon transiting Earth

How cool is this?

I was just kidding!

I was just kidding about that Sarah Palin-osmosis-experience crack…but apparently Frank Gaffney at TownHall.com takes it all seriously!

Just as an addendum to this post, I wanted to point out that Real Climate has a discussion of the paper in question[PDF].

The other Arctic sea ice loss

There has been lots of discussion of this year’s arctic sea ice extent. Last year was a shocking 23% lower record breaker. That’s 23% lower than the previous record, for which one had to go all the way back to….2005! That’s not 23% below the 1979-2001 average, but 23% below the lowest previous measurement! 2005,…

Experience by osmosis

Okay, when I first heard this about McCain’s VP pick, Sarah Palin: I figured it was just an unscripted blunder by a marginal participant. But now I see this:

Past decade is warmest in at least 1,300 years

Mann et al. has a new paper out that again reconfirms that the MWP was not as pronounced or as high a warming period as today’s climate changes are bringing.

Another week of GW News, September 1, 2008

Sipping from the internet firehose… This weekly posting is brought to you courtesy of H.E.Taylor. Happy reading, I hope you enjoy this week’s Global Warming news roundup