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Climate science for your iPod

One of my first questions when I came to sci.environment for an education a few long years ago was “Does anyone know of a good resource for climate related information I can put on my mp3 player?”

I did not get much or any response then, but since I have found a few interesting podcasts that often have climate science related stories on my own.

So I thought I would make a new weekly posting out of it, “Climate science for your iPod”, similar to H. E. Taylor’s weekly Global Warming News Roundup.

Today will be the first installment, and I will endeavor to have one every Tuesday. Presentation of content in this list does not imply endorsement of the views expressed within and I may or may not have even listened to it myself! Please highlight good, bad or interesting aspects in the comments under each edition to let people know what they should or should not miss. You can email me suggestions for specific items not included each week or additional sites to keep an eye on. Please direct such mail to a.few.things.illconsidered@gmail.com

I hope readers will find it an interesting and useful series!


  1. #1 thingsbreak
    January 7, 2009

    I’ve collected a few in the A/V section.