A Few Things Ill Considered

The emergence of China as a dominant economic power is an epochal event, occasioning the most massive and rapid redistribution of the earth’s resources in human history. The country has also become a ravenous consumer. Its appetite for raw materials drives up international commodity prices and shipping rates while its middle class, projected to jump to 700 million by 2020, is learning the gratifications of consumerism.

A very sobering read.


  1. #1 humorix
    February 22, 2009

    The ‘problem’is the density of a country and not the population.
    Naturally Monaco, Singapore & Vatican do not really frighten, India 18è, R-U. 32è, China 53è on 192;
    There is 149.000.000 Kms² of continent ground
    = 22.222,22 m²/hab.
    (Which 3.174,60 m² of deserted/hab.
    + 53.840,41 m² of sea/hab.).