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Another week of GW News, September 5, 2010

Logging the Onset of The Bottleneck Years

This weekly posting is brought to you courtesy of H. E. Taylor. Happy reading, I hope you enjoy this week’s Global Warming news roundup

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Another week of Climate Disruption News

September 5, 2010

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Low Key Plug

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“The difficulty in dealing with climate deniers (and the birthers and so many others) is not that they don’t understand the evidence — it’s that evidence has nothing to do with their belief. The denial comes from deep-seated emotional commitments and fears, in unthinking adherence to some political ideology and, often, in a perceived financial interest in not knowing — and they simply cannot hear rational arguments.” –CK Michaelson


  1. #1 Byron Smith
    September 8, 2010


    I’ve been meaning to say for months that these link pages are pure gold. Thanks for all the hours of work that must go into them every week.