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Adaptation 101

As in the example I just highlighted, we climate mitigation advocates are frequently attacked for alledgedly not wanting to do anything to promote or help people adapt to changes that are after all already underway. This post is meant to change that lack of balance on A Few Things Ill Considered.

Quote mining 101

So over at Keith Kloor’s place, we see Keith read a comment of Michael Tobis’, (read it for your self here) in which he says: “Adaptation is crucial” and “adaptation and mitigation are not a tradeoff. They are two faces of the same coin.” along with a whole bunch of, typical for Tobis, nuanced and…

Sandbag Central

Guest post from het, provider of the weekly feature “Another week of GW News“ Sandbag Central (source: When I see scenes like the ‘sandbag central’ Fargo stadium — thousands of people shovelling sand, making and piling sandbags, fighting together for their city — my heart swells. It is the community of shared adversity. CBC-TV…