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Ice animations

Here are a couple of great animations of the arctic sea ice volume over the satellite era. (credit to Andy Lee Robinson, seen at Planet3) While this is not news, I think the animations make two things very clear.  One, is that anyone even giving the time of day to the notion that there is…

NSIDC has (preliminarily) announced the new record low ice extent for 2012. On September 16, 2012 sea ice extent dropped to 3.41 million square kilometers (1.32 million square miles). This appears to have been the lowest extent of the year. In response to the setting sun and falling temperatures, ice extent will now climb through…

POTSDAM – In 1845, Captain Sir John Franklin of the British Royal Navy led 128 men on two iron-plated steam ships, Erebus and Terror, into the Arctic, where they eventually disappeared. The voyage was the culmination of four centuries of failed attempts to navigate the Northwest Passage – a direct route from Europe to Asia…

Talking about the weather….

[Update: as pointed out in comments, this forecast is for a town called North Pole, Alaska, not the geographic north pole, or even the magnetic one…I must apologize for my haste and sloppiness.  On the other hand, this incident has cleared up a number of long-standing structural engineering questions I have had about Santa’s Workshop…]…

August Monthly Anomaly Smashes Previous Record

August sea ice extent in the Arctic this year was 640,000 square kilometers below the previous record set in 2007.  It is also already a record monthly low for any month, though that record will not last as it is going to be broken this September when the lowest extent of the year is normally…


As Eli Rabbet is noting, Anthony Watts is really unraveling, even further than we noted here a couple of days ago.  So, I just have to post the video below, picked up from Denial Depot.  I swear, I am NOT calling Watts Hitler, not even a Nazi, it is just pretty funny!

A Tale of Two Predictions

Real Climate has done two posts recently that I thought would be served well by their juxtaposition. The first one highlights an early projection of global mean temperatures made by Jim Hansen in 1981.

Upside down hockey stick

No, this is not Steve McIntyre finally coming out with his own multi-century proxy temperature reconstruction. Nor is it Anthony Watt’s release of his temperature reanalysis.

Actions are louder than words

What Exxon says, through its various mouthpeices, that global warming is not happening or is happening but reversing or what have you, is apparently not what it believes.

Okay, so this one is a bit of a tear-jerker and I usually like to avoid mixing sentimentality with environmentalism, but it is very informative and interesting if sad. It is greenman3610’s Climate Crock of the Week from about three weeks ago and as usual well worth watching.