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Like rumours of Mark Twain’s death, the claims of the disappearance of BP’s oil spill have been greatly exagerated.

Putting out fire with gasoline?

Corexit was a big news topic at the beginning of this tragic Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the gulf of Mexico but it seems little talked about now. There is no question that BP’s calculation in its decision to use so much of this toxic chemical prioritizes the cosmetics of the situation over ecological impact…

New hope for Deepwater Horizon!

We tend to give crakar a hard time around here, but via email he has offered us something for which we should all be grateful, and that is new hope for controlling the unfolding BP oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. In the spirit of pictures being worth many words, I leave it…

I am not an expert in oil field engineering. But I can smell bullshit. So I am sad to confess that at this moment I am putting more faith in an anonymous poster at the Oil Drum whom I have never heard of before than I am in any mainstream reporting I have come across.…

Connecting dots?

Offered without comment: (h/t to MT)

There remain more questions than answers at this point, but the BP spin from yesterday that “Top Kill” was working appears to have been a falsehood. BP is not the right source for what the actual data from the well head means, but unfortunately they are the only source of said data. I would like…

A + B = WTF??

A = $6.08 billion B = $75 million