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“Double Whammy” from Climate Crocks

Climate Crocks has a new video out about Sandy and the unusual weather patterns that allowed its formation.     Good stuff! All the pundit chatter and the Bloomberg news coming out on the side of reality does give one hope that from the ashes of Battery Point climate change mitigation policy might rise.  I…

Monckton on the loose again

Non-lord Christopher Monkton is out and about again after laying low for a while, calling people nazis, using his Pink Portcullis coat of arms, etc. Greenman has a short video on that, though I must say I found more interesting the clips and content on James Delingpole. I must say he does not come out…

Revealing the decline

From greenman3610, Climate Crock of the Week gives a thorough review and debunking of “hide the decline” including the latest on Muller and the BEST project.

CCW – Hollywood does climate change

More entertaining than informative, greenman’s latest Crock of the Week surveys the history of climate change in the movies! Gotta dust off those old Mad Max VHS tapes again…