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CCW – The Earth is carbon starved

Greenman’s latest:

What’s wrong with this graph?

A regular here recently offered us this PDF from Willie Soon and Lord Monkton’s Science and Public Policy Institute and asks what is wrong with the graph in there.

Don’t miss April 19th’s APOD, a truly awsome sight!

Know the Number

Just like those national debt clocks showing you dollar by dollar how high it is, this site has a “Carbon Counter” showing how many metric tons of carbon have been released into the atmosphere. As I post this, we are at 3,642,255,344,781. No wait, now its 3,642,255,367,521…no, it’s 3,642,255,381,988…well, you get the picture! They have…

Of all the myriad climate skeptic arguments out there, the argument that the current rise in CO2 is not human caused truly is one of the most ridiculous positions one could take. (Please note, I am not saying it is ridiculous to consider, we should consider everything, but like wondering if the light in the…

Revisiting CO2 Lags, not Leads

I think I will start to close down comments on some of the guide articles as the comment threads get too long and meandering, and instead direct people from there to dedicated “open threads”. So consider this the first implementation of that idea for the article “CO2 Lags, not leads“. Comments there are now closed.

This just reported today from the Washington Post:

Iron fertilization: Too good to be true?

I am a bit slow off the mark with this posting from Nature’s Climate Feedback blog, but last month they put up a little news about iron fertilization of oceans as a geoengineering technique for removal of atmospheric CO2. Have a read, but in a nutshell: that Indo-German experiment is going forward in the Southern…

In the climate debates, I hear it all the time: why should the US do anything when China and India are the fastest growing and largest emitters of greenhouse gases on the planet? Though I make it a personal policy to never discussion mitigation policies with characters who will not even accept the reality of…

Thanks to Crakar14, I came across this article from the India Times online: In a major breakthrough that could help in the fight against global warming, a team of five Indian scientists from four institutes of the country have discovered a naturally occurring bacteria which converts carbon dioxide (CO2) into a compound found in limestone…