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New Mexico’s extreme drought

(the featured image above is of the once aptly named Rio Grande, now referred to by locals as the “Rio Sand”) The LA Times has a very chilling piece on New Mexico’s not so chilling climate change.  Here are a few quotes to pique your interest: “All of New Mexico is officially in a drought,…

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RealClimate on the Australian bushfires

I recently wrote about the tragic bushfires in Australia and how it seems to me that it is reasonable to ask if this would have happened without anthropogenic climate changes. Real Climate has the details on this in their latest post: Bushfires and extreme heat in south-east Australia.

Hot times in Australia

As I mentioned briefly before, I have just returned from Australia and as you could imagine, the heatwaves and wildfires were a hot topic(how funny am I?). So the death toll is expected to exceed 200 people. Southern Australia has been experiencing extreme drought for many years now, so the whole place is a tinder…