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Bad news, good news, bad news.

So, the bad news is that it is looking increasingly likely that the world will experience a very strong El Nino event this 2014-2015 winter (winter in the N. hemisphere, summer down under).  There is even talk of a super-El Nino, one to rival 1998’s phenomenal event.  Lots of good information on that here at…

I have tried to make it quite clear a few times that regardless of no new record, there is no evidence that the underlying rising trend in global surface temperatures has reversed or stopped. But absent a short term rising trend the inattentive public is very vulnerable to disengenouous denialists claiming warming is over (did…

Update on Prometheus on Hansen Again (Again)

Just a quick update on my recent post noting Roger Pielke’s lack of integrity:

Pielke Jr: How low can he go?

I have made it pretty clear before that I am no fan of Roger Pielke Jr. Everytime I stick my nose in there the smell seems to get a little worse. His latest effort at sabotaging productive discourse on climate science and policy is a really low blow, putting to rest any lingering hopes one…

Warming Stopped in 1998

This is just one of dozens of responses to common climate change denial arguments, which can all be found at How to Talk to a Climate Sceptic. Objection: Global temperatures have been trending down since 1998. Global Warming is over. Answer: