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CCW – “This is Not Cool” is cool

A really good overview of all the extreme weather we have been seeing this last year from Greenman. I’d say it is about time to say welcome to the new normal.

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Forced climate change causes global warming as a response, not the other way around. We all focus on globally and seasonally averaged mean temperature, and though it is a very coarse measure, there are some justifiable reasons. But as a general focus for those concerned about the human influence on our planetary life support system,…

RealClimate on the Australian bushfires

I recently wrote about the tragic bushfires in Australia and how it seems to me that it is reasonable to ask if this would have happened without anthropogenic climate changes. Real Climate has the details on this in their latest post: Bushfires and extreme heat in south-east Australia.

A few hurricane records considered

Although there was not much buzz about hurricanes this season (which is not quite over yet), this year has in fact set a few records. I guess since New Orleans (narrowly) escaped Gustav there seems so much less to talk about!