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As most of you know already, England’s dramatic sequence of winter storms since December has resulted in its worst winter on record.  England’s records go back 248 years.  (Al Jazeera is reporting 300 years).  Who knows if such a series of storms has ever occurred since the climate stabilized after the last glaciation ended some…

Life’s little ironies

(The following is offered as an amusing example of how reality sometimes seems to have a sense of homour:) My wife is from the Czech Republic and was mentioning to me her family’s worries about the recent flooding (they are not in immediate danger). I google-news’ed it and went to the first hit, an AP…

Sandbag Central

Guest post from het, provider of the weekly feature “Another week of GW News“ Sandbag Central (source: Boston.com) When I see scenes like the ‘sandbag central’ Fargo stadium — thousands of people shovelling sand, making and piling sandbags, fighting together for their city — my heart swells. It is the community of shared adversity. CBC-TV…

Red River flooding

This was passed on to me for posting by het, just as a human interest angle to this current event