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Breaking news from Marc Morano

Marc Morono (sick) breathlessly announces that Gavin Schmidt has finally admitted that weather is chaotic and GCMs can not model it. And yes, that is about as shocking an admission as water is wet. Here is the incriminating quote:

A tale of two interviews

This has been an open tab in Firefox for a long time now, so I figure I had better just point people to it and be done with it… James Hrynyshyn (love that last name, but only because computers have copy and paste!) has an interesting comparison of two interviews on Island of Doubt (note…

So last week I asked “how low“, Things Break provided an answer, and Roger continued his love-to-hate realtionship with Real Climate folks. The sopa opera continues, spilling out into Real Life, as Gavin seems to want some formal retraction. Being called a thief is no small matter, and like most of Rogers conclusions, this is…