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Weird Winter, Mad March

I have not watched these yet myself, but will do as soon as I download and convert them for my iPhone, but I have no doubt they are up to Peter Sinclair’s usual high standards. Embedded below are part’s 1 and 2 of Weird Winter – Mad March. Enjoy, discuss!

Monckton on the loose again

Non-lord Christopher Monkton is out and about again after laying low for a while, calling people nazis, using his Pink Portcullis coat of arms, etc. Greenman has a short video on that, though I must say I found more interesting the clips and content on James Delingpole. I must say he does not come out…

Disagreeing with the IPCC’s approach

There is a very interesting article on that provides an example of something a bit uncommon in the climate wars: an intelligent and well reasoned disagreement with the IPCC. (h/t to Climate Etc.)

The Egyptian dictator, Hosni Mubarak, has resigned, finally relenting to weeks of massive protests. Is he the latest casualty of climate change?

History of atmospheric CO2

I have always like this graphic from Global Warming Art: It puts the current CO2 rise into sharp perspective in terms of historical flucuations, both in its magnitude and rapidity. Well, even better for impact is the video below from Youtube user CarbonTracker:

Oh boy, get out the tinfoil. Here’s one the conspiracy nuts will howl over. The temperature record that has been showing the lowest anomaly in the recent decades, HadCRU, the dataset managed by the UK’s Met Office and the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit (CRU), is about to be revised upwards.

Experts claim 2006 climate report plagiarized

The wheels continue to fall off the Wegman Report. “It kind of undermines the credibility of your work criticizing others’ integrity when you don’t conform to the basic rules of scholarship,” Virginia Tech plagiarism expert Skip Garner says. Further down:

A few days ago, an environmental organization from England released what can charitably be called an appaling video in support of their campaign to reduce carbon emission 10% per year starting now, in 2010. The group is called 10:10 and the page originally containing the video, now containing an apology, is here. It was removed…

Does it matter why?

So apparently, according to an “exclusive” in the Guardian, Bjørn Lomborg is about to put his “Cool It“thrusters into full reverse and declare that the world should be spending $100 billion per year towards “resolving the climate change problem by the end of this century”. This is a very interesting development to say the least.

Great video on Arctic sea ice

Via a new blog started up this summer, Fool me Once (sounds like wishful thinking ;-), proprieter Alden has graciously permitted me to embed a most excellent video he has produced on arctic sea ice. He is covering a standard denialist talking point, that arctic sea ice has/is recovering, so the concepts will not be…