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Image of the Week

Filed under “data can be cool”         This is a graph of wind and air pressure at a weather station as a hurricane passes directly over.  Notice the double spikes as each eye wall passes overhead.  

Should the Saffir-Simpson scale go beyond 5?

This is just a quick post to suggest an answer to the question posed by Greg Laden here: should we have a category 6 and above for hurricanes.  My answer is no. I say this in agreement with many of the points expressed in Greg’s post, mainly that category 5 basically means total destruction and…

As pretty much everyone should be aware already, Hurricane Sandy is getting close to landfall in the New Jersey area where it will collide with a strong winter storm coming down from Canada.  It seems no one really knows what will happen, but all the people who should agree it will be very bad.  This…

2010 Hurricane season begins

The 2010 hurricane season has begun, and has done so with a hard blow to Guatemala, including dozens of fatalities (83 so far). Ironically, this storm was not particularily violent, not even getting above tropical storm status, but the rainfall was very intense. As always, the best place to follow the hurricane season is Jeff…

A few hurricane records considered

Although there was not much buzz about hurricanes this season (which is not quite over yet), this year has in fact set a few records. I guess since New Orleans (narrowly) escaped Gustav there seems so much less to talk about!