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Experts claim 2006 climate report plagiarized

The wheels continue to fall off the Wegman Report. “It kind of undermines the credibility of your work criticizing others’ integrity when you don’t conform to the basic rules of scholarship,” Virginia Tech plagiarism expert Skip Garner says. Further down:

Climategate: one year later

November 17 marked the one year anniversary of the hacking of CRU mail servers and the release of thousands of emails between climate scientists. Though irrelevant to the scientific case for anthropogenic climate change, the event was significant in the public relations sphere. I have not found the time to do a proper memorial write…

This really must be read to be believed. IANAL, but surely this is over the top, to use the legal jargon. It is a clearly an impossible demand.

Mann persecuted by The Man, again

I always marvel at the scientist-government conspiracy theories the more wacky members of the climate denial machine toss around so confidently. How do they fit this into their world view?